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Thursday, 8 December 2011

LivInG ThiNGs anD NoN LiVinG ThInGS

What is living thing?
You may think that is simple. Living things are people. Or maybe living things can move. Or maybe living things has life.
Living are people. Then what about plants, insects, animals ?
Living things can move. Well, my car can move. Do we say my car is a living thing.
Living things has life. What is life in the first place?
There are so many answer. So, today we are gonna get clear answer.
But seriously how should we really define living things ?
So here we go…
Living things are organisms such as bacterias, viruses, fungus, humans, animals, plants and a whole lot more. Well, I know there are some term that are new to you but nevermind that.
I will explain to you living thing or more scientificaly organisms carry out a few life processes.
The few life processes are:-
1. Living things need food and water

Animals Find Thier Own Food & Water

Plants Can Make Their Own Food

2. Living things can breathe or respirate
Plants Need to Breathe Too

3. Living things can move.

Sunflower move with the direction of Sun

Roots will look for water

Living Things Will Grow in Size, Height,Weight
4. Living things can grow

5. Living things can give birth or reproduce
Animals & Human will reprodce or give birth

Plants use their seed to have plant

BodY SoNg

Animal Body Parts

What's the difference between antlers and horns?
They are both extensions of the skull plate, but an antler is shed every year and grows back. A horn does not shed and will not grow back if broken.

What's the difference between tusks and horns?
A horn is an extension of the skull plate, but a tusk is actually a tooth extending  out of the animal's mouth.

PaRt Of BoDy

First time

This is my first time to create a blog. It is about world of Science. I know this is not the best one but  I will improve it from time to time ^_^